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As quick as a flash 快如閃電般地

Today's Phrase: As quick as a flash  快如閃電般地: Image


我們可以用短語 as quick as a flash 來形容一個人做事情像閃電般一樣快。


John knew the answer so he put up his hand as quick as a flash.

The customers are complaining. We need to get more food on the shelves as quick as a flash.


另一個含有單詞 flash 的短語 a flash in the pan 的意思是“曇花一現”。


Our football team were champions last year, but that won’t happen again. It’s just a flash in the pan. 


The official land-speed record measured is 763.035 miles per hour, set by Andy Green on 15 October 1997 in the Black Rock Desert.

官方紀錄的最高陸地駕駛速度是 763.035英里/小時(1227 .985公里/小時)。1997年10月15日,英國人安迪‧格林在美國內華達洲的黑巖沙漠里創造了此紀錄。

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